Sunday, April 11, 2021


The Covid-19, a.k.a “Wuhan,” coronavirus has killed a half-million Americans already and sickened many, many times more.

A former head of the U.S. CDC now opines it likely originated in the Chinese government’s virology labs in Wuhan; this opinion is resisted by those who usually treat CDC statements as gospel.

It makes little difference whether the Chinese lab had an accident or the local meat market got unlucky and sloppy. We know the Chinese military has been investigating viruses as biological weapons, as we did at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, where I served decades ago.

The Chinese Communists stopped domestic travel from Wuhan once they knew (and lied about) the human-to-human transmissibility of the virus. The CCP kept it a secret and allowed international travel to spread the virus worldwide, the sin for which they deserve to be excoriated, regardless of whether the virus came from Wuhan’s virology labs or its butcher shops.

Spreading the virus worldwide was an act of biological warfare few in the U.S. dare charge, as we would have to face the perfidy of the regime and the ghastliness of this attack on the rest of the world.

Suppose something like this pathogen had spread from Ft. Detrick or Frederick, MD, while I served there. I am sure that the American and international news media would not have hesitated to blame the U.S. government, especially if it were under the Republicans at the time. They would not have suspected the local ShopRite.

The first barrage of World War III was biological. 

Now what?


Thursday, April 8, 2021


The book's subtitle is "An Anti-Socialist Manifesto," and the author provides just that.  

86% of the over-300 reviews at are 5 stars, well earned.

I have listened to the book twice using my Kindle and Alexa. The book made the nuttiness of the Woke Crusade more understandable, though no more attractive. They hate possessions (except theirs). countries (especially the USA), and religion (especially Christianity and Judaism, but not Islam). If you are a white male, you are a target, as I am.

In sum, they passionately maintain there is no right or wrong, except that Trump voters were terribly wrong. Got it?

To get the book:

Sunday, April 4, 2021


 I generally don't review a book here unless I like it.

Being an author is hard enough without having someone spit on your baby, and there is "no disputing taste," no accounting for taste, an ancient adage warns. Still, testimonials are influential, and, as an author and coach and editor myself, I sure like favorable mentions when I get them.

The first 20 pages or so were merely "here it comes." I wondered whether there would be "beef," and it did come: insights about writing, publishing, promoting, and profiting, covered in the next 60 pages.

I have a love/hate relationship with the book industry, given that some classics were ghostwritten and some authors made up their "true stories" and some best-sellers were written poorly. My favorite movie is Chariots of Fire, and the contrast between the two central characters' methods of achieving success reflects my ambivalence about the best-seller status that has eluded me. Is the best measure of success where you ended or how you got there? Ideally, you would be making it without faking it.

Authors-to-be and authors-right-now would profit from Michael Butler's succinct guide, especially about how to get their work legitimately noticed, heeded, shared, and appreciated.

Intelligent and informed effort is key to best-seller status. This book can help.

Friday, April 2, 2021



Authors: Steve Deace and Todd Erzen:

 This hard-hitting, extensively documented philippic became a best-seller the first week it appeared, in late March 2021. It is easy to understand why those skeptical of some of the measures taken to attempt to resist the spread of Covid-19, a/k/a the Wuhan coronavirus, greeted the book so enthusiastically.

The virus and responses to it radically changed our lives, and some of these changes seem likely to be permanent. Deace and Erzen blame Dr. Fauci and his acolytes for conflicting advice and Orwellian expansion of government intrusion.

“Faucian” plays on “Faustian,” derived from the legendary story of Dr. Faustus, who gave up his soul to the Devil for 24 years of magical powers and the fame and fortune they provided. This trade did not end well. Dr. Fauci, the Faucian Bargain maintains, has traded his scientific reputation and ethics for the Covid cause and, perhaps, for fame.

The authors maintain that the fear of Covid-19 has generated a cult, and they match it with the seven characteristics quoted next that they say apply to the “Branch Covidians”:

1.    Cults discourage, if not outright oppose, critical thinking.

2.    Cults isolate themselves and their members from the outside world, sometimes even forcibly.

3.    Cults claim to have special knowledge or that only the special can attain their knowledge.

4.    Cults put loyalty to their leader above all else.

5.    Cults seek to detach you from your families.

6.    Cults cross moral boundaries and at times encourage others to as well.

7.    Cults separate you from the true church.

The authors recommend resisting the cult by

Prioritizing truth.

Encouraging critical thinking.

Taking the appropriate health precautions.

Relying on established science.

Reuniting with your family.

Reopening your life.

Trusting in faith, family, and freedom.

Critical thinking can be facilitated by going to some of the 202 footnote sources they reference.

They conclude we will emerge from the pandemic with a somewhat less-free society.

Their advice, “Kick the dust off your sandals, and move on with your way of life.”



Sunday, March 28, 2021


 One of my email accounts runs about 20 to 1 spam to desired mail, reminding me of Gresham’s Law, which goes back to Elizabethan days and her great financial wizard Thomas Gresham.

Express his "law" in various ways, such as:

-        “cheap money drives out dear;”

-        “bad money drives out good.”

It means that equal denomination coins of unequal metallic worth will circulate in the economy such that the precious metal coins are hoarded, and the others remain in circulation.

We saw this decades ago during the introduction of copper-nickel quarters that gradually replaced silver quarters in US circulation.

Similarly, when it comes to my email, junk or near-junk grossly predominates, to the point that it is hard to find the email I value.

Fortunately, I have a second, nearly secret, email account to “hoard” the more precious communications. I’m sure many other people do the same.


A recent book on Gresham and his times and his law is at:

My friend William Bauer has today instructed me on using the filter option on my email account to send email from certain accounts to designated categories, including Trash.






Friday, March 19, 2021

Tina Su Cooper Readmitted to Hospital, 16 Mar 21

Friends and Family, 

During an office visit with our new primary care physician on the 11th, Tina was minimally responsive,
and it appeared that she might be over-medicated with seizure-suppressing medication,
Keppra and Dilantin. We were able to get an office visit with a neurologist
on the 16th, and he said she was exhibiting seizure activity (though it was different
from what we had observed before) and he had her taken to the Garnet Medical
Center Emergency Room.

She was admitted to the hospital, is undergoing a 72-hour EEG observation, and has had one
or two MRIs of her brain, where "minor bleeding" has been observed. Had it been more, I
was told, they were ready to send her to Westchester Medical Center.

Yesterday, one of her doctors called to get more information about her and to tell me
what they were doing on her behalf.. She was said to be almost unresponsive, though
she did smile when her name was called.

Tonight the nurse caring for her told me that Tina's vital signs were normal, no sign of
infection (a continuing problem recently), but she did not respond to her name. They
changed her Foley catheter and are giving her an antibiotic (Fortaz) she has had
before. They understand they are to do whatever they can to preserve her life.

Tina has come through some very difficult medical situations in the past, so we
must not count her out, but this seems the most dire thus far. 

We appreciate your hopes and prayers for our heroic Tina.