Monday, December 26, 2011


A memoir is the story of your life, as you saw it, as you understood it. It is less formal than an autobiography or a biography. Reasons for writing a memoir include: self-understanding and self-expression, explanations to others, history-preserving, giving thanks. In an earlier blog entry, I have discussed these motivations more fully.

Helping would-be authors is for me a hobby that may become a business. I have decided to charge $25 per week [or $100 per month] for several reasons:

1. People often value what they pay for more than they value what they get for free.

2. Would-be authors who are serious about their writing should be willing to pay this small fee. Those who want more than the initial consultation for free are not as serious and could be wasting my time [and theirs].

3. My setting aside an hour or two a week [consultations, meetings, proofing, related research] for each author at this price is something I am willing to do. Payment by the hour or by the word or by the page or by some other measure did not seem as feasible.

4. A would-be author who is spending $25 per week on my coaching now hears the clock ticking. [“But at my back I always hear / Time’s winged chariot hurrying near….“] It is time to get serious and get going.

5. Some day, I will be in enough demand to charge more.


For a free initial consultation, call me at (845) 778-4204 or write to me at or at 264 East Drive, Walden, NY 12586. Today.

Write on!

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