Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to Manage Nursing Care at Home

That's the title of a book we are finishing this summer, to be published by Outskirts Press in paperback and ebook format. It will be for people who are caring for someone in their home or who want to understand how the nurses and the company that is managing such care are performing their any consumer might want to do.

From the opening pages of our book: 

Having managed nursing care at home for my wife, bedridden with multiple sclerosis for over two decades, with around-the-clock skilled nursing for the past eleven years, involving ventilator use and gastric tube feeding and medicating, I [DWC] decided to prepare this book, with our head nurse, to help others succeed in managing nursing care at home, for themselves and their loved ones.

         Diane R. Beggin, R.N., has been our head nurse since 2004, and she has developed many of the systems and documents we have used to care for my wife and also, for the past several years, to care for my bedridden, nearly-100-year-old mother.

             How to Manage Nursing Care at Home tells its readers what to expect and gives them the necessary information and structure, in terms of needed forms, “charts,” to oversee the nursing care given by R.N.s and L.P.N.s.


             We invite our readers to contact us with their questions and with recommendations for our subsequent publications on providing nursing care at home.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.

264 East Drive, Walden, NY 12586

Diane R. Beggin, R.N.

40 Sycamore Drive, Montgomery, NY 12549


The web site is,
and much of the book will be serialized there. Comments and questions are welcomed. You are invited to visit and participate.

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