Monday, December 14, 2015

Thank You, Angela Mullings, Nurse, RIP

                                       14 December 2015
Our Dear Angela,

This is a thank-you letter from the Cooper family.

When we hired you in February 2010, I knew we made the right decision. The Dominican Sisters had closed not long before, leaving you without that job. Your resume was impressive, its testimonials glowing. When I checked your most recent references, one said “Great!” and the other “Wonderful!” We soon realized how right they were. You proved to be exceptionally competent, diligent, and compassionate. By mid-year, you had gone from doing a shift every other weekend to being half-time.

During your years with us, each of the Coopers said, “I love Angela.” My mother, my sister, my wife, and I…it was unanimous. My mother would comment on how caring and gentle and cheerful you were. My sister appreciated the many kindnesses you showed her. My dearest Tina, your “Sweetie Pie,” expressed her love and appreciation over and over again, and so have I, for your professional skills and personal behavior.

We had that original opening in 2010 because several of our nurses would not get the H1N1 flu vaccination, which we required. Typical of your willingness to put your patients first, you saw the importance of getting that shot and the subsequent flu shots, even though they entailed some risk and discomfort at times.

In my mind’s eye, I picture you as you were one afternoon, holding my dear, quadriplegic Tina’s deformed hand, as the two of you watched television together. You were only one of two of our nearly fifty nurses during these past eleven years I saw do that. Touchingly sweet.

I am sorry this has been such a difficult year for you. We have missed you greatly, but that pales in comparison with the battle you have been waging against cancer. As I said to you a week or so ago, this has been a bit like a long-distance run, a marathon of sorts. You were a long-distance runner in school, and this year you have been going all-out to beat this illness. That finish line is close, too close, but it is hidden in a mist, a fog, and you are still bravely running this race until you reach that line. You have our cheers, and our love, as you continue on, as long as you can, dear Angela.

When our own races are done, we hope to join you in Heaven.

With our love,

Doug and Tina Cooper


26 December 2015

Angela was receiving hospice care at her home. A wonderful woman, she got excellent care from her husband, Peter. She died this morning at 2 a.m., after her difficult struggle with cancer. Her family deserves our prayers. 

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