Monday, April 30, 2018


Recently published memoir by "Ladi Miz."


She no longer carries a knife for self-protection.

How did a young Black girl from Philadelphia overcome poverty and abuse to become a successful professional woman, wife, home-owner, landlord, musician, author, and counselor? This is Theresa D. Merriman’s story, dictated by her, from her heart.

What struck me was her determination to make a better life for herself and, eventually, for her children. Somehow she did this while doing some serious partying. She worked hard, saved money, completed high school and got a college degree, with little help…except her faith in God.  

“It is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys,” it’s said, and Theresa learned this the hard way, eventually escaping the psychological chains of “friendships” with people who did not have her well-being at heart. Sometimes that even meant family members, as well, but her most reliable allies were also from her family.

Readers will get a sometimes-brutal, always realistic look at the life of a girl from “the wrong side of the tracks” in Philadelphia, a Black girl from a broken family, a girl who liked to “party hardy,” to drink and to dance (but not take drugs), a very pretty girl with no shortage of men interested in her. She was looking for love…at first, in all the wrong places. People who gave “Tammy” trouble learned that if you messed with her, she might put a blade to your neck.

As her editor, I found myself eager to get to the next chapter to find out how she handled her challenges and how her story turned out. You’ll find this candid memoir occasionally shocking, often enlightening, and ultimately uplifting…you cannot keep a good woman down!

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.

Walden, NY

Issues of obscenity and privacy kept this memoir from being published for over a year. Now available at:

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