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MANAGE NURSING CARE AT HOME, "Kindness toward Caregivers"


Ideas for acts of kindness toward caregivers, adapted from a list presented by Meghan Bogardus in AARP THE MAGAZINE, OCT/NOV 2015, pp. 56-58:

·       Bring a low-maintenance houseplant
·       Take in the mail
·       Shovel snow from the driveway and walkway
·       Go grocery shopping
·       Arrange a play date for the kids
·       Gas up the car
·       Do a load of laundry
·       Take the kids to a movie
·       Send flowers
·       Sing some songs
·       Play a board game
·       Go out for coffee
·       Visit with a sweet pet
·       Treat to a spa or exercise class
·       Take the dog for a walk
·       Bring packages to the post office
·       Give a massage
·       Water the flowers
·       Do the dishes
·       Bring a movie to watch together
·       Return library books
·       Volunteer to wait for a service provider
·       Mow the lawn
·       Help compose a letter
·       Wash the car
·       Treat to a housecleaning visit
·       Donate vacation days
·       Replace missing buttons
·       Clean the gutters
·       Bring coffee or tea
·       Drive the kids
·       Replace the batteries in smoke detectors
·       Tell her how much she’s appreciated
·       Send a thinking-of-you card
·       Take to a comedy club
·       Braid her hair
·       Cut some extra slack
·       Make a CD
·       Take out the trash
·       Give a blank journal
·       Let vent
·       Arrange for home organized
·       Help with the garden
·       Tell a joke
·       Bring over a nice bottle of wine
·       Change the oil
·       Complain less
·       Knit a sweater
·       Do an item on the to-do list
·       Bring a favorite book
·       Bring Sunday paper
·       Arrange yoga session
·       Do DVD workout together
·       Make photo album together
·       Hire a message therapist
·       Register them with the fancy food club
·       Hire a geek to help
·       Give luxury-travel magazine
·       Meditate together
·       Take a portrait with a camera
·       Fix a leaky faucet
·       Buy a e-reader
·       Pick up the dry cleaning
·       Rake the leaves
·       Play cards
·       Hire a personal shopper
·       Give a gift card to favorite restaurant
·       Help write a thank-you note
·       Mail a care package
·       Attend the meeting and take notes
·       Set up a meditation appointment
·       Send a skywriter message
·       Donate a casserole
·       Bake cookies
·       Help decorate for the holidays
·       Decorate the walkway
·       Pay a compliment
·       Set up bird feeder
·       Work her shift
·       Drop off a prescription
·       Create a relaxing space in the home
·       Paint a picture
·       Write a poem
·       Give scented oil
·       Assist child with college application
·       Take old clothes to the thrift store


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Book: HOW TO MANAGE NURSING CARE AT HOME, by Cooper and Beggin

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