Thursday, December 8, 2011


Should you write a book? Quite possibly so.

Your life is a story that has both triumphs and tragedies, tears and laughter, lessons learned and a few of them re-learned. Family, friends, neighbors, and associates might find your story valuable. You can praise some and criticize others, as appropriate. You can promote values you hold dear.

Through modern publishing techniques, a high-quality book can be published more rapidly and less expensively than ever before. Furthermore, the Internet can broadcast your writing to the world, if you choose.

How did you start? Where have you gone? Why? What has your family done, enjoyed, endured? If you have traced your ancestry, who were your ancestors and what did they do? How has your past shaped your present? These are possible avenues to explore in your book. Once finished, it will be available not only to this generation but others to follow.

A second type of book you could write would be one about your business or profession. Your book can be even more impressive than the best of business cards, helping to confirm you as one having real expertise.

My name is Douglas Winslow Cooper. I wrote a book in 2011 as a gift to my wife. The title is Ting and I: A Memoir of Love, Courage, and Devotion. We have been in love for nearly half a century. We have faced her increasing disability due to multiple sclerosis with courage and devotion. Our memoir is a tribute to her, to our doctors and nurses, and to the power of love and the value of life. Writing the book took several months and getting it self-published another several. It is available on,, and through our Web site, I have already given hundreds of the paperback and ebook versions as thank-you gifts to those who have helped us, and I have even sold a few.

Although I had published over a hundred articles, this was my first book. I was afraid of the challenge at first, but soon became enthusiastic. To follow up on this successful book-writing experience, I am planning to serve others as a paid coach, editor, co-author, or “ghost-writer.” I am working with two such would-be authors already.

I will give you up to an hour of free telephone consultation about your book. If we decide to meet, I will give you a copy of Ting and I: A Memoir, so you can see it for yourself.

Interested? Give me a call [845-778-4204] or write to me at or by regular mail at Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D., 264 East Drive, Walden, NY, 12586.

By next year, you could be the author of your book, with my help.

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