Thursday, March 22, 2012


This Newman is Bruce Newman, not Paul Newman, and his special sauce for social media is: the three-minute webinar. On the Ides of March this year, I listened to a stimulating talk given by Bruce Newman, president of, the company that specializes in helping you make short videos that focus your message for your potential customers.

Newman said that studies indicate often you have only 5 seconds to catch the favorable attention of those visiting your website.

A three-minute web video, a short webinar, can be added to your website to give visitors your message and your call to action.

Your 3-min. video represents your company, tells what you do, and brands you as an expert. Remember that it must also tell the customers the benefits; what’s in it for them.

The process of making such a video requires the company to focus more clearly on itself and its mission and ON how to target, “laser target,” the message to its customer niche.

I found particularly interesting a test that was done using short, four-line advertisements through Google. The first version of the four-line advertisement had as its opening a description of the product followed by the benefits, followed by the call to action and contact information. By putting the benefits before the description, the advertisers achieved three times as many responses to the same text ad.

Bruce Newman’s talk was given at the Orange County [NY] Business Accelerator on March 15, 2011, to almost two dozen attendees, who were shown an example of a 3-min. video, this one done for Will Rodman’s “Letters to Daddy” organization, 4e Productions. The video helped explain to potential supporters how Will Rodman’s organization’s activities will help reduce bullying in schools.

Another Accelerator member, Kay Rubacek, who heads, described how the three-minute video Newman made for her organization helped explain to potential customers the benefits of her web design company.

Newman described his seven-step procedure for working with clients in developing such short videos: a questionnaire, followed by a 30-min. phone call, development of the script, a confirmation meeting, recording, reviewing, and finalizing. Although the total package usually costs $2500, Newman was offering it for a limited time for $1500 to Orange County Business Accelerator members, with a free website evaluation and social media marketing analysis.

Those who are interested in more information about Bruce Newman’s organization can contact Newman at 845-228-1301. You can e-mail him at

Those interested in joining the Orange County Business Accelerator can contact that organization through

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