Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TING AND I, Tribute to Tina Su Cooper from Nurse Audrey Pottinger

When we won the insurance overnight nursing coverage dispute, we were able to hire overnight nurses. One of the first two I hired, Audrey Pottinger, RN, has shown the compassion, capability, and reliability that let me know Tina is in good care while I sleep. She writes:
I am blessed to be a part of a team entrusted with caring for a truly remarkable individual, Tina Cooper. Tina is simply one of the most caring, loving and appreciative persons I know. Her sincere concern for others is admirable and worthy of emulation.

Despite her disabilities she finds ways to show her friends and family members that she cares. She remembers their birthdays and ensures that the day is recognized with a greeting card, a phone call or both. Tina frequently inquires about the well-being of my family. Since we both have two sons who were born seven years apart, we enjoy sharing about their accomplishments and current events.

It’s such a pleasure to witness the ongoing loving relationship between her and her spouse. For them, every day is Valentine’s Day. Upon meeting the Coopers, my older son remarked that he hopes to find someone with whom he could share such a loving relationship. I pray he does.

I am greeted warmly each time I arrive, and she never fails to thank me several times during the shift for the care she receives. This makes me feel special and appreciated even though I know that every other nurse is treated in that manner.

Instead of being bitter, Tina chooses to love, to care and to enjoy the life she has. It’s a choice all should emulate. It’s a choice I am learning to make.

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