Friday, August 2, 2013

Seeking, Finding, Losing, Keeping

Much that I sought I could not find. So begins a four-line poem, a favorite of mine, penned by Lee Wilson Dodd. It was one of 100 quotations beautifully written out by hand, given to me by a girl, Bonnie, who loved me more than I loved her, each quotation to be read a day at a time during my last 100 days in the Army. That little book she generously filled has been lost, but the words were not forgotten, nor has she been forgotten by me.

Truly, much that we seek, we do not find. Sometimes that leaves us better off than we realize. Usually we are left disappointed. “That’s life,” we say. We move on, move forward.

The other three lines are:

Much that I found, I could not bind.
Much that I bound, I could not free.
Much that I freed, returned to me.

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  1. Such truth and her broken heart not forgotten. Happy Labor day weekend to you and Ting! Beautiful poem and story.