Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Fight or Flight," A Middle-grade Short Story

Douglas Winslow Cooper and Brian Maher

“Tess, what happened to Tim? He has a cut lip and a bruise on his cheek.” her elder brother, Rick, asked.

“He was in a fight after school.”

“What? Why? That’s not like Tim. He almost never fights. What happened?”

“Tim says that two boys tried to steal money from his friend Arnold when they were walking to the store.”

“Stealing is a rotten thing to do. They picked on Arnold because Arnold is a lot smaller than Tim. ”

“They threatened to beat Arnold up if he did not give them his money.”

“Then what happened?”

“Arnold was going to let them take his money, but Tim told him not to and told the boys they would have to fight to get it.”

“That’s Tim, a good friend, and tough when he has to be.”

“It started out as two-against-one, and Tim was losing, but then Arnold got into the fight.”


“Yes, Arnold. Even Tim was surprised!”

“Did they steal the money?”


“Who won?”

“It was a draw. A man in a car stopped and got out and broke up the fight, and the two other kids ran off.”

Tim came through the front door.

“Hi, champ!” Rick said. “I hear you were a hero this afternoon.”

“Well, maybe.”

Tess exclaimed, “Rick and I think you were. You did a brave thing, sticking up for Arnold. You didn’t have to fight, but you did.”

At dinner that night, the Williams family discussed the Big Fight. Both his mother and his father praised Tim.

Mrs. Williams said, “Tim, you did a good thing, sticking up for Arnold, not letting him be robbed.”

Mr. Williams added, “I hope you almost never have to fight, but it is good to know how to fight and to be willing to, when you are fighting for what is right. I was glad that Arnold joined in, glad that he learned from you to stick up for himself. We are all proud of you.”

Tess and Eric agreed and yelled together, “Hooray for Tim!”

Tim blushed.




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