Saturday, December 20, 2014

About Author Sharon Lane

From the back cover material of her book, The Tears From My Soul:

After suffering years of neglect, rape, abuse, pain, and betrayal from those who were entrusted to support and protect her, Sharon turns to a life of stripping and prostitution. Without an education or means to support herself and her two children, Sharon falls prey to many unscrupulous people who take advantage of her. She struggles to change her life and move out of the shadows of the underworld of stripping in Seattle, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

In the end, it is God, her incredible commitment to a better life, and the love and support she finds in the Christian community that help her turn her life around. In her memoir, The Tears from My Soul, Sharon is a true heroine of her life story – overcoming all odds to become a high school graduate, successful author and film director and producer.

From her "About The Author" portion of the book:

Sharon Lane is one of God's special daughters, and she is proud to say that she has a lot of insight that comes directly from him.

She was born with a respectable and humble spirit.

For someone with only a high school diploma, she has done many things. But it is only through God's grace that she has been able to do all that she has done.

In 2012, Sharon wrote her first article on education, and it was published in Waukesha News Stands. She was then went on to write her autobiography, with no knowledge of how to write a book.

She is the producer of the documentary, “Why We Do What We Do,” which was shown at the 2010 Langston Hughes Film Festival.

In spite of it all, she was able to turn her life around from being a stripper to becoming a responsible citizen in her church and her community. God showed her the right way.

She believes in giving a second chance in life. Sharon lives in Seattle with her two kids, grandkids, and her mother

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