Sunday, June 14, 2015

Being "Grandma"

When my first granddaughter was born, my son asked me what I wanted to be called. I wanted to be called “Grandma,” and I told him so. I’m not sure what my son thought I wanted to be called, and I never asked him why he asked.

As I talk or write about each of my granddaughters, I am reminded they are the lights of my life. Each one has grown in her own way. Each granddaughter has the inner grace and understanding that takes most of us many, many years to obtain, if we get it at all.

Claire, the first-born, showed an understanding of a tragedy that was being shown on television when she was very young, about four years of age. The television was on when she walked into the house. It was showing a terrible plane crash. Claire stopped and stared at the screen and just started saying, “Oh no! Oh no!” over and over. She had deep compassion even at that young age. She has grown into a beautiful young woman. She stands up for what she believes is right, even if it will affect her in a negative way. She has musical and sports talent. Claire works hard on summer vacations to help pay her expenses. She started attending college in the fall of 2013.

Jane, the second-born, is the “fairest” of the threetall, thin, with long, blond curly hair and beautiful blue eyes. She also is very talented in sports and music. She writes poems that touch me, showing her love of life. Jane, too, has that inner grace that usually takes years to form in most people. She is very smart, but all three are. I sometimes wonder how we were so blessed with the three of them. No one could ask for anything more in their children or grandchildren.

When my granddaughter Jane was about ten years old, she wrote the following poem. I often read it, and it comforts me.

I can see
The Moon and stars,
Lilies and roses.

I can taste
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,
Pudding and ice cream.

I can hear
Sea gulls singing, the gentle waves,
And the rhythm of the piano.

I can smell
The magnolia tree,
The scent of a candle,
And a chocolate-covered pastry.

I can touch
Wool and petals of a flower
And the sand slipping through my fingers.

What a wonderful
World I’m in.

By Jane Markonic

Caroline, the youngest, is the animal-lover, which she knows touches me, as I am one also. Caroline cares about all animal life and wants to do something in her life with animals. Again, she, too, has that inner grace that makes me smile. Like Claire and Jane, Caroline is both musical and involved with sports.

I have no fear of failure for any of my grandchildren. If a problem occurs in any form, they will work through it with their own strengths and understanding of life.

I am sure any reader of this can tell the love and happiness my granddaughters have brought to their parents and to myself. My proudest feelings are that there has been no psychological or physical or alcohol abuse in my side of the family. All that is over, hopefully never to return.

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