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The Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for Jorge Olson’s Three Cs: Communicate, Collaborate, Commercialize. Get known, liked, trusted. Form partnerships. Give value for value.

The key: be generous, unselfish in your self-promotion, as Olson (2009) writes:
…the notion of promoting yourself by being unselfish is very powerful, and you will be an expert by the time you are done reading this book.… Being unselfish is nothing new in business or politics, especially among seasoned salespeople. In sales, you place the customer first. This is an example of unselfish promotion.

To help others, you have to understand their needs and wants. They will then appreciate what you do for them, because what you choose to do will be suitable, appropriate to their wants and needs. Unlike most people, you will be spending somewhat less time thinking about yourself and somewhat more time thinking about them.

By writing, you establish a link, a connection with people that lasts at least as long as it takes them to read what you have written, and which may stay in their minds much longer. You have usually given them something of value, which may make them want to reciprocate.

Writing helps you add to your promotional toolbox, which includes Internet marketing, articles, social networking, public speaking, business cards (some people use several different types), books, press releases, videos, webinars….

The key is that you give before you get.

For business owners, Olson (2009) posits Internet Marketing Rule #1: Don’t build a self-indulgent website. Writers can profitably heed this, as well: promote your book or books on your website, but give the visitors something more: excerpts, deals, related information on the books’ topics, colorful and interesting graphics, information about writing or the book industry. Give value to get eyeballs.

Olson’s Internet Marketing Rule #2 --- Build Value: “you have to provide what people look for, information, entertainment, collaboration, or commerce.” Build the website for the visitors’ benefit. They say, “Content is king.” Valuable content, that is.

As an author, you will likely have an author website, which is your main website, and websites for each of the books you have written. Give stuff away. Collect email addresses. Make sure they know how to reach you.

For more details on unselfish self-promotion see Olson (2009).


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