Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Self-Made Authority: How to Position Yourself As The "Go To Person" In Your Field and Catapult your Business Beyond the Competition by [Momeni, Oliver]

Most of us would like to be recognized as authorities. I know I would. I help people write and publish their books, but so do lots of others. I hope that this book will give me the tools to have a more successful Internet-based business, once I do the work.

Oliver Momeni has distilled his twenty-plus years of entrepreneurship into this highly readable introduction to Internet marketing, with an emphasis on the value of webinars and the relative ease in preparing and presenting them. His web site features his book, several courses, and about a dozen helpful blogs, with the focus on presenting effective webinars. His book provides a link to a free training program as well.

In a little more than one hundred pages, this useful and encouraging book goes well beyond webinars. Its somewhat grandiose subtitle tells us How to Position Yourself as the Go-To Person in Your Field & Catapult Your Business Beyond the Competition. It starts with the story of his near-death illness a decade ago that cost him his marriage and made him think seriously about both success and “giving back” to others who want to succeed.

He covers the following topics: having something to say that others want to know, mastering the Internet, marketing basics, social media, other tools, webinars, YouTube, Google hangouts, podcasting, Kindle books, expert interviews, and coaching. Ideally, you would use all of these, starting with Facebook and your own web page.

Like any persuasive salesman, he then addresses our likely objections and our “misconceptions,” such as hoping to build an online business overnight, finding that “magic pill,” ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fearing the building of a website, believing you can’t do your own webinar, refusing to invest in your own success, giving up on developing an email contacts list. Since he will be selling us his webinar training programs as well as his book, he is not a disinterested, objective observer.  On the other hand, he seems sincerely interested in helping others succeed, and his personal story and his willingness to correspond with newbies makes it plausible that he really intends to have his students succeed as he has.

I’ve been on the Internet for decades (remember Compuserve?) and using it for my little business for six years, and I found that this little book offered much information I did not know, especially about: online seminar development and presentation, Google hangouts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and (new to me) Snapchat). And there’s more, as the commercials say: podcasting, Kindle publishing (I do this), expert interviews, publishing articles, paid advertising, selling, freelancing, and (I don’t do this) even ghostwriting.

Momeni covers each topic well enough to get you started, encouraging you along the way. If I wanted to work this hard, I’d have gotten out of my pajamas. Only kidding. Fine book, a Kindle bargain.


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