Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Time is a double-edged sword, because, as we have said, when given opportunity, we may discover that what we have always lacked was never opportunity, but will and discipline.

Those That Can Help

You don’t know everything and sometimes maintaining the various areas of life can feel a little like spinning plates; neglect one for even a moment, and it may fall, even bringing others along with it. 

You cannot be a master of all trades;

Let’s say you have a dripping tap. You have two options:
1.   learn the craft of plumbing,
2.   look up a plumber in the yellow pages.

Now, perhaps you’re quite a hands-on type of individual, and enjoy the challenge and autonomy of fixing your own problems. Cut out the middleman, you think.

But good middlemen save you time. They know what they’re doing, and have a stake in your continued success. If you find advantage in the hands-on attitude, we salute you - but to others that need to stay focused, we might need some hired help.   

Do I need...?
An accountant?

A personal trainer?

A life coach?

Case Study: Rosie 

Rosie spent all most of her life in England before emigrating to Hong Kong along with her husband (once an athlete, he is now a competition judge) and three children.

She has found that she gets on well with the mentality of the island; the slightly chaotic hippie vibe is relaxing to her, and the expat population, much like her, enjoy creating things by hand to sell at flea markets which are held weekly on the island. 

The island itself provides plenty of interesting materials - leaves that can be pressed and hardened into new forms, plentiful papaya growing and falling into her garden and even pieces of wood discarded by the workmen can be chiselled into new shapes. As Rosie says: The art is already somewhere inside them waiting to get out.

This lifestyle, Rosie says, is not without its drawbacks. The workmanship of the housing, compared to the UK is poor, and the Pound doesn’t have the same power it once did. There are problems on the island, but she takes some enjoyment in becoming the centre of gossip.

She hasn’t been able to quit smoking quite yet, but it hasn’t slowed her down: she makes the best jam on the island; the kids are all off having their own adventures, and she can always go to the beach with Jane Austen if things get too hectic.

The Question:

Rosie’s life isn’t perfect, but does Rosie actually benefit from the things that she grumbles about? We all like to have a moan, and to gossip in our own ways.
How much imperfection do we need?


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