Thursday, August 9, 2018


11 a.m. EDT, 9 AUGUST 2018 WEBINAR

Turning your idea into a business.

Ideas can change the world, if you can make it into a business.
Think of all the new businesses that have become enormous.
How get it into an online business?

I [KO] have always wanted to make an impact on the world.

Steve Jobs told us we need smart phones before we knew it.
Jeff Bezos knew he could sell books and more on the Internet.

Those listening to this webinar likely have an idea that can produce big changes. 74% of these listeners replied that they have many ideas.

You’ll learn the secret to create a lifestyle business, allowing me to have great freedom.  It took a strategy to get here. I will be selling some useful elements at the end of this.

By 2008, I [KO] had written three books. At one of my signings, no one came. Even though it was through Harper Collins (Zondervan). I was stuck, not igniting souls, lacking a system. Yesterday’s Internet training with David Branderhost and me had 1500 attendees.

Need to design to get what you really want.

We now have 500+ authors. Recently we had a quarter-million views of our video. I have overcome a stuttering problem I had as a child. We recently reached one million people in a week.

STEP ONE for making an idea a successful business: Your idea must be a product or service that provide a SOLUTION, like aspirin (pain reliever) or a vitamin (bringing benefits). YOU MUST RAISE AWARENESS THAT THEY NEED YOUR SERVICE/PRODUCT. Selling can equal helping people. Come with something of value. Identify their need and provide true value. Provide a clear next step to continue meeting their needs. [I, KO, provided free advice to a would-be author while we were taking a flight together, and she was so leased, she asked me for my high-end, $5k program.]

STEP TWO is to have a SYSTEM, a solution broken down into simple steps, a framework of about a half-dozen steps. Make it what is needed. Do it now.  “The longer you take to be perfect, the less likely you are to be successful.”

STEP THREE is to MAKE IT SCALABLE. This is the only way to do this full-time. Try not to get stuck trading time for dollars.

The rest of the talk dealt with an offer for KO’s services, Business Academy Elite. Their Process has Twelve monthly Steps [“Fire Path”]:

-        Clarify your message. Use the right words.
-        Identify your avatar. Who needs your offering?
-        Research your competition. Accelerate your development.
-        Create your product/service.
-        Customize your offer.
-        Build your email funnel. Move your clients from low to medium to high price.
-        Generate your traffic. Invest, wisely.
-        Close your sale.
-        Launch your solution, even if not perfect.
-        Choose your culture, your tribe.
-        Grow your team.
-        Scale your business.

If you are not ready to invest thousands in getting coaching for writing your book, consider spending $100 or $200 a month with me [DWC] at my service, It is one-on-one, and you keep all rights to what we develop. I've been involved in publishing 19 books so far.

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