Saturday, August 1, 2020

Censored by Amazon: "Wuhan Virus"

It took less than a couple of minutes for my review of Michael Angel's fine novel, Wildfire Pathogen, to get rejected by Amazon for violating its community standards. No issue was specified, but the only questionable element seemed to be my passing reference to the PC "COVID-19 virus" as the "Wuhan virus," definitely not PC. 

We have "Lyme Disease," "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,"  "Ebola," and other illnesses labeled with their origins, but we must not note that the Chinese Communist Party chose to keep the Wuhan virus a secret, ban domestic travel, continue to allow international travel, and thus unleash this plague that has killed over 150,000 Americans, in a fashion not so different from the historic British use of smallpox-infected blankets thrown into a fortress they were besieging. 

The liberals at Amazon have clearly programmed their screening algorithm to keep us from reminding others that what has been visited upon us was an act of war. I didn't spell that out. Just wrote "Wuhan virus." Enough to get deleted.

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