Sunday, February 14, 2021

"What Would You Like to Watch?"

 "What would you like to watch?" I asked my quadriplegic, ventilator-dependent, beloved wife of 36 years, as I brought her in her wheelchair to our kitchen to spend an hour together watching TV, during her once-daily liberation from her bed.

I gave her a list of her usual preferences: Hallmark (romance), Food, Home & Garden. Usually, she chooses one and we hold hands and watch it. 

I have loved Tina Su since February 14, 1963. She can barely communicate now, her multiple sclerosis having attacked her once-brilliant brain, her breathing often too weak to produce audible speech, so we must read her lips.

What has not been destroyed is her loving concern for others, despite her plight. She often tells us, "I love you with all my heart." 

Usually, in response to my TV question, she chooses a channel and says little more, but this day she asked me, "What would you like to watch?"

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