Saturday, August 7, 2021


 My close friend, financial advisor (among other things) Jim Bakun, has just published this fine book, now available on

I helped him with it and wrote the following Foreword:



How important are money management and finances in marriage and family affairs? Tremendously. The American Bar Association recently indicated that 89 percent of all divorces could be traced to quarrels and accusations over money. Another study estimated that 75 percent of all divorces result from clashes over finances. Some professional counselors indicated that four out of every five families wrestle with serious money problems.”

Dr. Jeffrey R. Holland, formerly President of Brigham Young University


I chose a quotation about finance and marriage from a religious authority because this book combines all three of these elements. Marriage is a sacred agreement, a promise, and one of its greatest risks is the mismanagement of the couple’s money.


How you earn and how you spend your money reflects your talents, insights, tastes, priorities, generosity, and miserliness, and as a couple, newlyweds need to be in general agreement about money-management or they will be sailing into a sea of trouble.


During his former career as a Certified Financial Planner, Jim Bakun counseled over 16,000 clients about money management: getting it, spending it, saving it, investing it, and bequeathing it. And not getting cheated out of it!


I met Jim at a Toastmasters Club, where he was sharpening his skills as a public speaker in preparation for lecturing on the topic of prudent financial management for people of all ages and walks of life. A strong friendship soon developed, and when he decided to write a book, he asked for my help, and this book was conceived. He brings to his writing a special combination of common sense, financial expertise, and the wisdom of a life well-lived, including a happy marriage well-managed.


Financial Success for Newlyweds will teach you how to handle your finances so you can save your marriage, not an easy trick these days. The author spells it out, and all you have to do is pay attention to spare yourself the painful money lessons of the School of Hard Knocks, which is not a branch of Fort Knox where the U.S. Treasury has piled up more gold than financiers like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos combined.


Money is not the key to happiness, but a lack of money can open the door to lots of unhappiness.


Fortunately, you will learn a bundle from Jim’s book and enjoy the process, too.



Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD

Walden, NY

Summer 2020

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