Saturday, December 11, 2021

REVIEW of VIRAL: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19

 Wuhan Institute of Virology: China’s Ft. Detrick?


Review of Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19,  by Chan and Ridley

This scholarly work presents an avalanche of evidence to allow its readers to decide whether the COVID-19 virus escaped from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology (or a nearby lab) or worked its way naturally 2000 kilometers (1200 miles) from bats in mines near Kunming to people in Wuhan. Its narrative, timeline, and notes are almost encyclopedic. It ends by presenting the arguments for a "natural" escape from the mines that are home to the bats harboring the disease's closest relative versus escape from the laboratories in Wuhan.

Having spent 1965 and 1966 as an army draftee at the U.S. biological warfare and defense laboratories at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, I learned a bit about the relevant biology and epidemiology and the difficulty of confining biological agents to the labs. If an epidemic today were to have Frederick, MD, as its epicenter, I would be unlikely to believe that the infection traveled from bat caves in our Southwest to Frederick, home of Ft. Detrick, home of the relatively few labs doing such work.

The authors expertly present a wealth of information to educate their readers and develop more informed views about this important topic.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD



A more politically charged presentation, one skeptical of the prevailing media “narrative,” about the Covid-19 pandemic is Pandemia, an excellent and highly readable book by Alex Berenson:



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