Monday, January 3, 2022


Pro-capitalist, I tend to favor competition, but I do have some reservations.  Here, I’ll discuss some concerns about being a competitive person.

If you are a competitive person, this can help you improve by setting goals shown to be achieved by others. You can choose to strive to meet or exceed these. I’m fine with that, unless your motive is to prove you are better than these people, rather than to perform better than the limits. Pursue excellence. Extinguish the ego. Never stoop to harming your rivals.

Ambitious goals can help raise efficacy and efficiency.

If we are striving to do better than we did before or better than a set goal, we are likely to benefit. If we are comparing ourselves with others, this is an ego trip, rather than the pursuit of excellence, and ego trips are to be avoided, as they are shallow and doomed to disappointment.

Compete with yourself, pay little attention to what the others are doing, except to learn from them.





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