Thursday, November 24, 2011


From Ting and I:

Tina and I thank the professionals at the Orange Regional Medical Center, Middletown, NY (Horton Campus), who have several times saved Tina’s life.

We thank Drs. A. Baradaran, P. Chidyllo, A. Fruchter, F. Guneratne, S. Koyfman, and R. F. Walker for their skilled assistance in preserving Tina’s life, as noted more fully in this book, during the post-hospitalization period. Dr. M. Kaplitt of N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital we thank for his brain-saving operation on me.

We also thank the nurses who have cared for Tina in our home, highly capable and caring women who have been committed to Tina’s good health and morale.

We have been fortunate to have IBM’s generous retiree medical benefits, which we appreciate. I had chosen to go to work for IBM partly for that reason.

Three of the four insurance companies who have been IBM’s agents in supporting Tina’s medical care, and my own, deserve our praise: John Hancock, Empire Blue Cross / Blue Shield, and United Healthcare.

For their contributions to the book, and their contributions to our lives, we thank the following specifically, and many others who have helped and encouraged us:

Family: Phil Chiang, Ted Chiang, Eugene Su, Priscilla Cooper, Diana Cooper, Cliff Cooper, and Chris Cooper.

Friends: Nancy Meisenzahl, Mary Kay Solera, Deanne Gebell Gitner, Judy Jayson Sonfield, Elaine Tashiro Gerbert, Wendy Loveless Garfein, Ruth Goldberg, Phil Nodhturft, Norman Wasserman, John Skoufis, Kathy Miscioscio.

Staff: Barbara George, Diane Beggin, Terry Bush, Kathy Karpiak, Angela Mullings, Kate Murphy, Dori Oskam, Audrey Pottinger, Maria Schmick, Michele Shehata, and Mary Wilkinson.

For permission to use their portrait of Tina from May 1967, we thank Bachrach Studios of Boston. For the excellent black-and-white portrait inspired by that photograph, we thank Mike Jaroszko of the Wallkill River School of Art.

Finally, the author is pleased to thank our friend and editor, Ellen Goldensohn, for her careful and intelligent editing of this work, a gift to both Tina and me.

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