Tuesday, January 24, 2012



 By Douglas Winslow Cooper

Penn State University football coach, coaching legend, Joe Paterno, lies in state near University Park, Pennsylvania. His reputation has recently been tattered by the revelation that he did not alert police to the accusation that an associate, Jerry Sandusky, was found by another associate to be having sexual relations with a young boy in a university shower. The boy was one of many in a program that Sandusky mentored, quite possibly one of many that Sandusky molested.

Paterno passed the information to superiors in the school hierarchy but not to police.

“Pedophiles” lust for children. They are male or female adults who have sex with young boys or girls. In more admirable eras, they were prosecuted and shunned. The psychological scars from such actions can last a lifetime.

The term “pederast,” for a man who has sex with a young boy, has fallen into disuse. The North American Man/Boy Love Association no doubt disapproves of the term. Those of us who disapprove of pederasty are called “homophobes.”

Note the degree to which homosexuals and homosexual acts have joined the protected class of That About Which We Must Not Be Critical. No wonder Paterno tip-toed around the issue. Was there proof? Photos? Tape recordings? No, just the testimony, wholly credible, of a staff member who observed the transgression.

If you want to be serious about protecting children from adult sexual predators, then you must face up to the fact that the men having sex with boys are homosexuals and their sexual conduct, in these cases at least, must be censored, criticized, prosecuted, regardless of the protestations of the Gay Lobby. Men who seduce or molest little girls deserve similar scorn and prosecution.

Yes, some of my best friends were gay, as the cliché goes, and in my case the cliché is true. These friends are dead now, from sexually acquired diseases, but I think that neither stooped to child molestation in his pursuit of personal carnal pleasure.


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