Wednesday, February 22, 2012


“Do it now” urged Chicago billionaire W. Clement Stone, author of, among others, The Success System That Never Fails. Be Here Now, urged Dr. Timothy Alpert, in this million-copy best-seller on spirituality written after Alpert had become Ram Dass, a student, and then yogi, of the Hindu tradition. Both emphasized the power of now.

DO IT NOW. Don’t just think, DO. IT is what is here in front of you, needing to be done, though you might be tempted to put it off awhile. NOW is not tomorrow. Much of our problems would be reduced if we were to get down to business rather than procrastinate. We know that. This is the blog I might have put off until tomorrow.

BE HERE NOW. BEing is even more important than doing, though doing affects who we are and what we become. HERE is not somewhere else, not some other time. The past is over, though it influences our present, The future is yet to come, though it, too, influences our present. Most important is NOW, when we can do what we can, be who we can. Put regrets and hopes aside, brighten the corner where we are. Now.

I'm taking a nap. Now.

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