Saturday, October 15, 2016

Author Success Guide by Bareham (2013)


Steve Bareham, the author of eBook author success guide – 1:
Self Publishing eBooks, lists not 4 Ps or 5 Ps for success, but 12 Ps:
·      Product: What are you offering? What is it worth?
·      Proof: Be sure you are better than your competitors in meeting readers’ needs.
·      People: Who wants or needs your book? What are they like?
·      Perception: How attractive are your book, your ads, and your writing?
·      Position: What is your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition? What’s “best” about it?
·      Price: Bareham believes the $0.99 ebook is on the way out. Amazon favors $2.99-$9.99, and the market is willing to pay more for “how-to” books than for other types.
·      Problems & Pitfalls: Try to predict and avoid them!
·      Promotion: “…pretty much everything that you do to boost sales: your website, your blog, participation by you and others in reader forums, reader reviews, advertising, video, etc….”
·      Pro-active follow-up: Get opinions from your readers.
·      Place: Where your books can be found, obtained.
·      Processes: Ease of purchase, guarantees, etc.
·      Persuasion: Ethos, pathos, and logos…credibility, emotion, logic.
Bareham (2012) has separate sections in his guide on using the following to promote your books:
·      YouTube videos
·      Website
·      Weblog (blog)
·      Sample chapters given away
·      Audio book format
·      Social networks
·      Book reviewers
Near the beginning of his eBook author success guide, he admonishes us to:
·      Keep writing, as the more books you publish, the better known you become and the more your books will sell.
·      Keep promoting yourself and your books.
·      Solicit 5-star reviews from likely providers.
·      “Understand viral leveraging.”
·      Use apt “tags” on your Amazon book descriptions. 
·      Avoid a book title that is too cute. [It can get lost among Amazon’s 10 million, he warns.]
·      Consider the substantial advantages of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

·      Get to know and use GoodReads.

     Excerpted from my own guide, Write Your Book with Me.

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