Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rev. Nwaiwu Sermon, The Resurrection Hope

₦Sermon 26

_ Blessed and holy is the one who takes part in the first resurrection”      
                      Rev. 20:6 NET.

Resurrection simply means coming back to life and it’s one of the most crucial facts in the doctrines of the gospel. Before someone takes part in a resurrection, he must be confirmed dead by people. Our Lord Jesus Christ was sentenced to death. He was killed and buried to save mankind. His enemies who heard him clearly when he said he would rise on the third day, assigned guards (Soldiers) to watch so that his disciples would not come to steal his body and profess to the entire public that he had risen. The scripture says: “Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good” (psalm 127:2)
At the appointed time, there was an earthquake and many saints who were waiting on the Lord’s Day followed Christ to resurrect. They moved to holy cities and were seen by many people.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ comforts the Christians that there is hope in Jesus Christ. In him we put our trust and hope. The disciples who were crying when he was killed now rejoiced as he appeared to them and also ate with them.
The Jews who denied that Jesus Christ is the son of God; his resurrection confirmed it that he is truly the son of Most High God and our justification is secured in his risen body (Romans 4:25, John 2:19, 10:17). His risen body is a clear proof that he has made a full atonement for our iniquities and his sacrifice was accepted as a divine justice. His body was given as a selfless sacrificial offering and his resurrection assures us that there is resurrection for the believers who died in Christ.
Note: There are some people who are being watched by some occultic priests. They don’t want to see you progress in life. Whether you are at home or not they have their spiritual satellite to mirror you. Such people are enemies of progress just like the guards who were paid to stop the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They did not stop it. Therefore brethren you are unstoppable in doing what would please our God.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ assures us that those who died for his sake will one day resurrect  at the appointed day that is unknown by man except Jehovah our God. Therefore, there is hope for the Christians.

—————Meditation Point———————
Lord may I be considered worthy in your sight at the day you will judge the world. May you call up my ruined soul to follow you to your kingdom, amen!

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