Monday, March 12, 2018

Rev. Nwaiwu Sermon, You Are Beyond Human Destruction

I(A Sermon Preached by Nigerian Rev. Fortune Emerence Chinemerem Nwaiwu)

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed, we are perplexed, but not driven to despond, we are hunted down, but never abandoned by God, we get knocked down, but we are not destroyed” 2 Cor. (4:8-9).
Texts: 2 Cor. 4:1-9; Isaiah 54:14-17.

Christians who really understand the nature of their calling face many trials and temptations. They are hated everywhere by the ungodly children of the world. The world seems to come against them when they stand on the truth, they pass through great tribulations and persecutions and yet they are not destroyed. We should learn that no amount of troubles should shake off our faith in Christ. The bitter cup of sufferings we have drunk with Christ will not consume us without bearing fruits for the Lord Jesus Christ. Because Christ is not yet done with you, nothing can destroy you. He will always show you a way out when there is a problem. Even when you feel that your soul is about to be drowned with death, he will rescue you for he will command his angels to protect you in all your ways— Psalms 91:11.

Fear not! For the fact that you are being hunted down by your enemies does not mean that God is not with you. God has made you and designed you to be beyond destruction. Could you take your mind back to the lives of the early Christians who were persecuted, stripped naked and flogged and yet God rescued them from their enemies because they were beyond destruction? Their property might have been destroyed but their very souls were not destroyed.  So, stop being afraid of those who aspire to harm the body but can’t kill the soul; instead, be afraid of the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell— Matt. 10:28.

Since we serve the very One that owns our very souls, then consider yourself as someone who is beyond destruction and reproach, because you make Him your refuge and a shelter.
Apostle Peter was hunted down by King Herod Agrippa. He was imprisoned till the day he would be released for a public trial. The trial would have resulted to the killing of Peter the way Apostle James was martyred, but God who knew that He was not yet done with him, sent his angel in a night before his trial to release him from the prison. Thus, Peter was beyond destruction; instead, his enemies were used to pay the price of his death. As he was released out from the prison, Herod Agrippa ordered that those prison guards should be executed.

Watch out today that any monitoring spirit against your success and your life will be put to destruction. Heaven was not silent when a plan was made, to imprison Peter; Heaven did something to take away the man of God from a condition that is not designed for him.
Prison is a place meant for evil doers. It is a place where notorious criminals are caged for torturing and trials. It is a place that is not convenient for people to stay.  It is a place made or prepared for Satan and his agents. They will be imprisoned in the lake of hell fire. Since the world sees the Christians as evil ones, they take hold of them to put them in prison and God promises his children through Isaiah that the one who suffers will be released; he will not die in prison; he will not go hungry, 51:14, NET.

Because you are beyond destruction, Satan will come at any time with his problems to check if what he hears about you is true. At times, he comes with problems of barrenness, failure in life and sometimes, uses your brothers or relatives to rise against you. The fact remains clear that whatever tactics the Satan may use to test your genuine faith in God, you are absolutely beyond destruction. Though  Satan may come with his deadly disease as he did during the time of Job, but God has given us assurance as we put our trusts in Him that “no evil of deadly disease will touch us, “though a thousand fall at your sides, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you”— Psalms 91:7.

This promise is a sign that you are beyond destruction and Satan and his agents of doom are pathological liars and failures. If you can cast your mind back in the years past and then remember how you had passed through terrible conditions, how a piece of your land was taken by force and compounded with the life threatening received from your enemies and yet you were not defeated, what sign do you perceive about whom you are? Beyond destruction!

The province of Asia under the rulership of Darius the Mede decided to make a law that would affect Daniel and lead to his perdition. Some group of people who had known how Daniel was skillfully handling Government matters successfully, tried to look for a way to accuse him as to ruin his reputation in governance. Probably, they might have strictly monitored him if there was a time he embezzled public funds or if he had slept with any man’s wife but could not find any fault in him. They later resorted to making a law that would affect his worship.

When this law was made, Daniel returned home and prayed to his God. Now he became guilty of the law and was thrown in to the lion’s den. The most High God shut the mouths of the lions and the lions became friends with him because Daniel was completely innocent and trusted in God in alliance with what Proverb 16:7 says: "When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him." This really shows that Daniel is beyond destruction.  For you to be beyond destruction, you must totally believe in the power of resurrection and make Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Saviour and he will fortify you with his spiritual armor of righteousness and holiness to wad off every evil encroachment and reproach in your life.

—————Meditation Point——————————
Our prayer is that any sickness, condition or enemies who are coming into our lives like a raging sea, may God put destruction to them. May God show us a way of escape and cause our mediation on this sermon to bring healings and salvation in our souls. Amen.

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