Sunday, August 2, 2015

Step-Daughter's Departure, KIDNAPPED TWICE


I’m cleaning out the mobile home that my step-daughter and her boyfriend lived in on our property. She refused to take the time or the effort to pack all the stuff that they left. She will not even clean it. I have spent hours and hours trying to bag and box things they left. In one case she did not feel like taking the clothes out of the dresser drawers, so she just took the drawers. When her father asked her for the drawers back, she threw them out.

My step-daughter had painted the walls dark purple, so the interior is very dark and depressing. She left behind highly personal objects for her father and me to take care of. She’s moved into the real world now. She’s got to find money for housing, electricity, and other expenses. Her boyfriend will have to keep her. We are done! Perhaps I should say, I am done. I heard those words said by her father, too, but only time will tell.

She found an apartment in a different town, but we were not aware that she was moving. Alan saw the boyfriend at our farm dumpster. The boyfriend was very upset and told Alan that Alan’s daughter had the boyfriend’s cat in her car and was taking the cat to a shelter, as she did not want to take his cat to their new apartment.

At the same time, the boyfriend said that they were going to have to pay $200 more a month in rent so that she could keep her dog! They called the daughter and told her to bring the cat back. The cat now lives at our house, as Alan brought it here.

Yesterday I told Alan to open his daughter’s trailer, because he had told me they never came back to get the rest of their things. When he opened the door, I was shocked! It was a total dirty mess, with stuff all over the place. All I wanted was to get back my old measuring cup, which Alan had loaned her and which I miss. It is very old, and I could not find another quite like it.

As I walked through the place, I actually got sick. Alan’s daughter has no intention of cleaning anything. There are holes in the trailer walls going clear through to the outside. There is furniture left in every room. A couch which has a cushion totally chewed up by a dog is there. Dog feces are there, too…I guess for us to clean up.

Such an unappreciative person who had been living on our farm for years rent-free! She has been to many different countries, which we paid for. Whatever she wanted, her father got for her. Actually, we got it for her, as I consider all the money that Alan spent to have been mine as well as his.

The only way I can describe my marriage now is “worn out.” The many traumas have taken their tolls. As each day passes, we are still dealing with the serious problems of our debt, the family, the daughter, the living conditions here on the farm, the farm itself, and all our health issues. Very few of these are being dealt with.

Every day is a lesson in survival! I’ve spent most of my life in this survival mode. I’m tired.

Despite all this, I have learned some things.

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