Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Birthday Parties" from HOME IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS


         When Nancy and I were about nine and eleven, this truck pulled up from Pop’s Cycle Shop with a brand-new bike for each of us, green for her, red for me. We were so excited. These were our best birthday presents ever.

         We had a big party for all three of us sisters one year, at three, five, and seven years old. All the cousins and friends attended. That was our only joint party. We got corsages for our 14th birthdays, corsages would dog biscuits on them. For our “sweet sixteen“ birthdays , we got corsages with 16 sugar cubes. I don't understand the dog biscuits.
         I don't remember who it was---perhaps Uncle Wes---who gave us finger paints for our birthday, but we didn't have them long. I guess we made a mess.
         Birthdays were always special. Nancy and I would take whatever little money we had uptown to the local five-and-dime store to pick out that special something for our dad, mom, grandma, or sister, whoever was a special person of the day. Many a figurine or some horrible-smelling toilet water was bought there. For Christmas, this was the store to go to for presents.

         On my 16th birthday we had a big dinner. Aunt Toddy and Uncle Bill were at the big table in the hall. I had just met Tom the night before, but I couldn't wait to tell Aunt Toddy about him and how he was so cute. Grandma called him my “beau.” 

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