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Rave Review for WYBWM

Write Your Book With Me... One of the most complete volumes on writing I have ever read!
Sadly, the world is full of skeptics. You may be thinking, Douglas Cooper, never heard of him. Why should I buy his book, after all, what makes him an expert? There are several books about writing, so what sets his book apart from all the others out there? Dr. Cooper's credentials are impressive. With a Ph.D. in Engineering from Harvard, along with several years on the faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health, there's a good chance that he is dedicated and has his ducks in a row.
Doug Cooper has used the knowledge he's gained to pen two wonderful pieces of nonfiction, a memoir he wrote a few years ago entitled Ting and I and more recently this book to help others write well, Write Your Book with Me. Over the last few years he has helped several people write fiction and nonfiction and has earned the right to bill himself as Editor and Book Doctor. I can attest to the difficult job at hand. Helping others realize their dreams for those that desire to write is both rewarding and taxing.
So... to got back to one of your questions, (What sets this book apart from the rest?), I just finished reading Write Your Book With Me. Honestly, while I think the book might be useful to any writing novice, the book is probably geared to those preferring to write a piece of nonfiction. Doug is not trying to recreate the wheel here, nor does he profess that this is the only book you'll ever need to write well. Doug has written a candid, well-researched, very thorough volume on writing. He has read several current books about how to write well and attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff. He shares the writing style that worked best for him with his readers, citing specific things he went through while writing Ting and I.
In my opinion, Doug has left no stone unturned penning categories on the importance of proper planning, preparing, publishing, promoting, and the payoff with important subcategories within each segment. He's even included a segment on reflections and an all-important resources section. I have read several books on writing and this one, Write Your Book With Me, more than exceeds most of them when it comes to hitting on all the important things it takes to write well. On a side note, Doug's editing acumen is to be commended. I have edited fiction for over seven years and spoke to and interacted with many writers. During that time, I've only met one writer that edited his own work superbly. I feel confident adding Doug's name to my slowly growing list of professional editors that are willing to go the extra mile to help their clients by doing a flawless job. Purchase a copy of Write Your Book With Me today; you'll be glad you did.
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