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Mark Allen sold his SELL MORE BOOKS: Self-Publisher’s Guide to Getting a Top Selling Book, charging only $0.99 at, for its 40 pages of material. I could not find it again in January 2017, however. 
     Top Selling Book is all about how to market a self-published book….based on the following basic ideas:
·      Book Expansion
·      Social Media
·      YouTube
·      Blogging
·      Other Media (podcasts, radio TV)

Each idea is meant to market and expand awareness of your book.”
Each element helps support the other.      

Book Expansion
         His first idea: work hard to get your book on the first page of searches by giving it away or selling it cheaply at the start.
This will help with his second recommendation: get reviews. The more readers, the more reviews. Top reviewers at amazon display their email addresses, and you are urged to contact them. Put the link to Amazon’s review page for the book at the end of your book, where those who read it to the end will find it conveniently.
“Your book should be offered to all major ebook vendors. At the end of this book, I have a large list with links to eBook sites.”
Consider turning your ebook into a physical book, using for example, Create Space. You can buy them cut-rate and sell them in person.
Offer your book as an app.
Do an audio book, perhaps getting a voice-over from someone on

Social Media

     “…it can generate as much as 60 of your monthly sales.”
He lists the top ten sites and their unique monthly visitors.
     “Social media is global word of mouth. Books get sold on word of mouth.” “Don’t get discouraged. Growing an audience is slow.” “Don’t spam shameless plugs for your book.”

    “YouTube marketing is effective for nonfiction and fiction books alike. Especially ‘how to’ type YouTube videos.” The videos have a long shelf life. Consider using a pro from fiverr, although audiences may prefer the author.


         “For fiction and nonfiction alike, an author blog is a must have.” The free blogs are probably adequate. You want to catch the attention of people. “You attract people with your information and direct them in one way of another to your book and branding.” You have to use other social media to call attention to your blog. Search for related blogs and contribute there.


         “The more you give to people, the more sales you will get.”

Stay Global

         Time spent marketing broadly is a better investment than marketing locally. Think: Pareto’s 80/20 rule, 80% of the value in 20% of the items/activities.

List of eBook Sites

         About 80 sites are listed, and their links are active, using the Kindle.


Excerpted from my Write Your Book with Me, published by Outskirts Press and available online from OP and and among others. 

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