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Kelly on Obtaining Favorable Reviews

4 p.m. EDT, 25 JULY 2018 WEBINAR
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Three types of social proof:
-        Moral authority: referrals.
-        Testimonials
-        Reviews: makes one referral reach many, permanently.

88% of people take time to read reviews before making a purchase of over $100. Almost 9/10 take them as seriously as personal recommendations.

Harvard Business School found a 1-star increment on Yelp would lead to c. 5% increase in business. 7/10 would let you charge more with better reviews. 

Reviews = revenue.

Google is where the customers are. You must be there, too.

How do you get reviews?  I learned the hard way. Asked for them in person, by calls, by emails, on Twitter, on Facebook. Got some. A negative review would hurt my average, however. They must be positive to help.

Major ideas on reviews:
1.    Gathering a lot of reviews won’t win if even a few are negative.
2.    To be successful need repetition in several ways to ask for reviews.
3.     The reviews need to be personal. Ask for the review to be about the person, not the product or service.

Get customer to want to ask for you by name. Make it personal.
How can you make it automatic?

Ask customers for reviews. Publish the positive reviews, contact the writers of negative ones. Response rate, if made easy is 10-15%.

Kelly’s company provides tools to aid in obtaining propagating reviews

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