Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Except for its Epilogue, which is nonfiction, this is a novel, one based on the events in a family Dr. Christopher K. Horne knows well.

Because it is a novel, the reader is alerted that the dialogues are approximations, as are most other elements “quoted” in the book, and the actions and rationales of the characters are as interpreted/created by the novelist, rather than being so closely rooted in reality as to be testimony.

As a novel, it falls in the category of “a cautionary tale,” with two major themes: how inherited property can become not a blessing but a burden, and how hard it is to maintain one’s marriage vows. These challenges produced the “shattered dreams” of the title.

Christopher Horne wrote this within half a year, dutifully sending me (his coach and editor) his additions weekly and accepting my proposed changes (generally quite minor) with good grace. He was eager to convey the lessons this family learned about bequests, adherence to a moral code, and marriage. In doing so, he has depicted some characters who struggled with temptation, with more or less success, and some who showed nobility of soul in the face of great disappointments.

We hope the readers of Shattered Dreams will be both entertained and edified.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.
Walden, NY

Spring 2018

Although SHATTERED DREAMS is published by Outskirts Press, many will find it more convenient to order the book from

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