Wednesday, October 24, 2018

3 Keys to Effective Writing, Talk by Jeff Goins

Summary of Webinar Presented by Jeff Goins
7 p.m. EDT, 24 October 2018

Goins is a best-selling author and blogger.

Useful tool to check your writing: Might want to join his course at

He had a dream to be a writer for years. Had eight failed blogs, but the ninth succeeded, reaching over 7 million readers. Five best-selling books, including his newest, Real Artists Don’t Starve. Made over $1M/year the last few years. A dream come true. Money not his primary goal. Wanted to support his family. Wife knew he could do it. He wanted to write for his readers.

The Big Question: Is this any good? We don’t know…it is so subjective. Does your audience like it?

Typical process: Get an idea. Write a lot. Edit. Obsess. Publish. [Wonder: Any good?]

Another way, with crucial 3 things:
  1  Right mind-set: why does something work? Stop trying to be a good writer.   Learn to be effective in communicating to an audience. Write whatever is   helpful to a reader; write WHY or HOW.

  2      Appropriate framework: a proven way to create consistently, worthwhile   material. Need a structure: catchy headline, intriguing lead (a la newspapers), body (80%), call to action.  

  3      Scorecard to evaluate is it good enough? (Reader response.)
  Does the article make a promise?
  Does it deliver on it?
  Does it wow the reader with its value? (Exceed expectations!)
  Is this the absolute best you can do right now?

  However, when in doubt, still ship it out. Publish it. 
 Quantity à quality.

 Goins then promoted Effective Writer course he offers. Contact them at

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Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.
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24 October 2018

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