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Summary of a talk by
David Newman for on 9 October 2018

Newman spent three years going broke, another three improving, and finally, since 2009, he has learned how to start 7-figure businesses.

First, you must avoid some common errors.
1.    Don’t be a grocery-bag speaker. Must have specific area of expertise.
2.    Must establish a unique identity within your niche.
3.    Must avoid the tendency to form partnerships from hell.
4.    Sit in the chair of the buyer, get in his mind.

You need a system; then take baby steps within it.

Public speaking is a plus factor: more leads, prospects, sales.

Seven key elements:
1.    Strategy: go beyond a speech; solve problems; foster change
2.    Packaging: develop a brand; expertise and enthusiasm; excellence
3.    Focus: solve urgent problems: action: smarter-better-faster
4.    Prospects: list details of 20 groups you want to speak to
5.    Outreach: use “referral blurb”: short, relevant to them; write articles
6.    Sales: low price=assumed inferior; $5000 speech is the sweet spot
7.    Leverage: get others to help; make one thing boost another
Missing any one of these leads to failure.

Go beyond being a keynote speaker, become a trainer / consultant for continuing involvement with the clients.

Golden triangle:
1.    Speaking
2.    Training
3.    Consulting/coaching
You can rotate through these three elements with your clients.

Four free referral templates are at

His training and marketing programs:

His book and valuable reviews: Do It! by David Newman, at .

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