Sunday, January 20, 2019


25 Random Things About Me

1. As I formed the habit of being grateful and counting my blessings rather than my burdens, I began to see more clearly that I was no more important than the next person. 

2. I love to point out to people their genuine positive attributes. This comes easy for me and often comes to a surprise to them that they have positive qualities.

3. The choices I made impacted on the quality of my life and my degree of happiness. More important choices were my choice of friends, a husband, being there for my son, choosing my attitude and being involved with my parents, and “doing good” for others.

4. It’s taken me a long time to realize that my happiness is something I can decide on ahead of time. It’s how I arrange my mind. When I wake up I already decide I’m going to have a good day

5. I don’t like speaking in front of a group; despise negative, chronic complainers, have no talent for math or drawing, and hate waking up in the morning.

6. I’m terrified of snakes and big waves.I had bad experiences with both and had nightmares about each for years.

7. I was raised in a very strict Irish Catholic family. I always felt as though I was living in a constant state of sin. Always feeling guilty. I often wondered how the hell my catholic friends and I turned out relatively normal. It baffles me.

8. I’m a worry wart. I actually worry when I’m not worried.

9. My favorite saying is “if you’re bored, you are boring”.

10. I believe in the power of prayer. But, I’m not a fan of formal religion. I do believe there is a higher intelligence or energy source up there somewhere .If one wants to call him God then so be it. I pray every night for friends & family.

11. I wish I was a better wife, more patient, considerate and appreciative.

12. Patience is not one of my virtues. If it takes to long or is too hard, or too complicated I loose interest.

13. When all is said and done life is all about rich relationships with others and I realize now that my purpose on earth is to do good for others.

14. I wished I kept in touch more with my old high school buddies
15. Silent night is my favorite song. It's my Dad's and Brother ken's favorite song too.

16. I’m not a good housekeeper. I think I have that clutter disorder that prevents me from throwing out sentimental things..

17. I love to laugh and am attracted to funny people because I’m not the least bit funny. I think being funny is a sign of brilliance.

18. My favorite comedy shows are Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.The writers of those skits are absolutely brilliant.

19. I wish I was actually the wonderful person that my son and husband think I am.

20. I would describe myself as a hard worker, pulling the wagon in the same direction with my husband over the years and feel good about us being able to provide Phil with every possible advantage that we could offer.

21. I like feedback positive or negative. Each makes me grow. I wasn’t always able to accept negative feedback in the past however.

22. I bought a gun and took a class to learn how to shoot it. I never in my wildest thought I’d ever do that. I am a gun rights convert.

.23. I have a lot of concerns where our nation is going right now. I'm moving from an independent to a more conservative political orientation

24. I have a profound respect for our veterans. I believe they are our true heroes.I'm proud to have been a VA Nurse and to have served our veterans.

25. I hope I live long enough to see my first grandchild.


Written almost a decade ago by the beloved wife of my best friend, Phil Nodhturft, this surfaced on Facebook last week, and I have Ginny's permission to repost it. We should all be as nice a person as she is and as aware of ourselves.  [DWC]

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