Monday, January 21, 2019

Geeq, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Endeavor

News from my sister-in-law, Irene So, about our niece, Stephanie So, and her husband, John Conley, the entrepreneurs behind this:

About her blockchain start-up, Geeq.  

Geeq is moving along nicely and Stephanie has started 
to attract some nice publicity.  She has been especially pleased because 
so much of current news is "pay-for-play", and she and the other 
founders made a decision not to go that way from the beginning.  So, 
this has been some very welcome recognition for their work.

I thought I would share her profile, since I am sure she would not send 
it to you herself.

Also, I am sure you'd be pleased to know that she has been selected to 
present at a DARPA conference for blockchain security next month.  We 
look forward to her visit to the DC area then.

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