Friday, April 2, 2021



Authors: Steve Deace and Todd Erzen:

 This hard-hitting, extensively documented philippic became a best-seller the first week it appeared, in late March 2021. It is easy to understand why those skeptical of some of the measures taken to attempt to resist the spread of Covid-19, a/k/a the Wuhan coronavirus, greeted the book so enthusiastically.

The virus and responses to it radically changed our lives, and some of these changes seem likely to be permanent. Deace and Erzen blame Dr. Fauci and his acolytes for conflicting advice and Orwellian expansion of government intrusion.

“Faucian” plays on “Faustian,” derived from the legendary story of Dr. Faustus, who gave up his soul to the Devil for 24 years of magical powers and the fame and fortune they provided. This trade did not end well. Dr. Fauci, the Faucian Bargain maintains, has traded his scientific reputation and ethics for the Covid cause and, perhaps, for fame.

The authors maintain that the fear of Covid-19 has generated a cult, and they match it with the seven characteristics quoted next that they say apply to the “Branch Covidians”:

1.    Cults discourage, if not outright oppose, critical thinking.

2.    Cults isolate themselves and their members from the outside world, sometimes even forcibly.

3.    Cults claim to have special knowledge or that only the special can attain their knowledge.

4.    Cults put loyalty to their leader above all else.

5.    Cults seek to detach you from your families.

6.    Cults cross moral boundaries and at times encourage others to as well.

7.    Cults separate you from the true church.

The authors recommend resisting the cult by

Prioritizing truth.

Encouraging critical thinking.

Taking the appropriate health precautions.

Relying on established science.

Reuniting with your family.

Reopening your life.

Trusting in faith, family, and freedom.

Critical thinking can be facilitated by going to some of the 202 footnote sources they reference.

They conclude we will emerge from the pandemic with a somewhat less-free society.

Their advice, “Kick the dust off your sandals, and move on with your way of life.”



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