Sunday, March 28, 2021


 One of my email accounts runs about 20 to 1 spam to desired mail, reminding me of Gresham’s Law, which goes back to Elizabethan days and her great financial wizard Thomas Gresham.

Express his "law" in various ways, such as:

-        “cheap money drives out dear;”

-        “bad money drives out good.”

It means that equal denomination coins of unequal metallic worth will circulate in the economy such that the precious metal coins are hoarded, and the others remain in circulation.

We saw this decades ago during the introduction of copper-nickel quarters that gradually replaced silver quarters in US circulation.

Similarly, when it comes to my email, junk or near-junk grossly predominates, to the point that it is hard to find the email I value.

Fortunately, I have a second, nearly secret, email account to “hoard” the more precious communications. I’m sure many other people do the same.


A recent book on Gresham and his times and his law is at:

My friend William Bauer has today instructed me on using the filter option on my email account to send email from certain accounts to designated categories, including Trash.






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