Friday, March 12, 2021


REVIEW of THE DEEP RIG: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House

Author: Patrick M. Byrne


Yes, it’s President Joe Biden.

For now, anyway. If the Creek don’t rise, and if the Chinese don’t gain control of the US, weakened as we are by the Chinese coronavirus, a form of biological warfare, and by our political intrigues.

In the first half or so of The Deep Rig, former CEO and Chairman of the Board, Patrick M. Byrne, supports the view that the presidential election was stolen, was rigged, or that at least this is plausibly believed by about half the US population, a belief whose truth or falsity could have been ascertained by court-ordered counting of the back-up paper ballot records in the six major Democrat cities that swung the election for Biden.

In the second half of the book, the fingerprints of the Chinese Communist Party are shown to be in some areas they shouldn’t be. Here, Byrne acknowledges the evidence is less strong.

Dr. Byrne and General Flynn and the indomitable lawyer Sydney Powell and a myriad of like-minded skeptics presented pre-inauguration a case for ballot malfeasance that followed a pattern: an unusual stop to the counting, followed by a Biden-rich influx of new votes that exhibited statistical improbabilities.

I have been awaiting such a book from Sydney Powell, but this one goes a long way to satisfy my need for summarizing the quantitative analysis. Being a Kindle book with active links means it allows one to dive into the controversies and see the talks and arguments of the major figures.

Libertarian Byrne started out quite negative about Trump, and Byrne had not ever voted for a Republican (or a Democrat) for president. At the end of his experience, he liked Trump more…and Democrats and Republicans less.

Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor and a man I have admired, Byrne criticizes as being too old, too fond of his alcohol, and too distracted with his broadcasting activities to do his best work and to recognize that the quantitative approach being taken by Powell and Byrne and allies might be so clear-cut in its analysis that the population and the courts would be convinced the results needed correcting or, at least, called for a limited “do-over” in six states. Trump did not seem to realize the power of that analysis until too late, and at least one of the mathematical demonstrations in the book would puzzle all but the “quants” among us. Giuliani's arguments against the non-legislative changing of the voting rules seemed strong but could not get traction in the courts.

Cheekily, Dr. Byrne ends his well-written and extensively documented book with this comment about the oligarchs who rigged the election, “he believes the oligarchy has two wings, Wall Street and the Deep State, and that he has them cornered.”

Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD


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