Friday, March 19, 2021

Tina Su Cooper Readmitted to Hospital, 16 Mar 21

Friends and Family, 

During an office visit with our new primary care physician on the 11th, Tina was minimally responsive,
and it appeared that she might be over-medicated with seizure-suppressing medication,
Keppra and Dilantin. We were able to get an office visit with a neurologist
on the 16th, and he said she was exhibiting seizure activity (though it was different
from what we had observed before) and he had her taken to the Garnet Medical
Center Emergency Room.

She was admitted to the hospital, is undergoing a 72-hour EEG observation, and has had one
or two MRIs of her brain, where "minor bleeding" has been observed. Had it been more, I
was told, they were ready to send her to Westchester Medical Center.

Yesterday, one of her doctors called to get more information about her and to tell me
what they were doing on her behalf.. She was said to be almost unresponsive, though
she did smile when her name was called.

Tonight the nurse caring for her told me that Tina's vital signs were normal, no sign of
infection (a continuing problem recently), but she did not respond to her name. They
changed her Foley catheter and are giving her an antibiotic (Fortaz) she has had
before. They understand they are to do whatever they can to preserve her life.

Tina has come through some very difficult medical situations in the past, so we
must not count her out, but this seems the most dire thus far. 

We appreciate your hopes and prayers for our heroic Tina.


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