Thursday, May 26, 2022


Nearly every day through our 37-year marriage, I reminded my beloved Tina Su Cooper,

"Sweetie Ting, I love you: 

Every cell, every second,

Every molecule, every moment,

Every itty-bitty bit, every instant,

Now and forever."

Not quite poetry, but Tina and both I liked it.

"Now and forever" meant together forever.

Tina has died (4/25/22) and is interred next to our shared tombstone, which has engraved on it, "Together Forever." I have been giving that sentiment a bit more thought.

If there is a Heaven, she is there now, and I hope to be there someday. That will handle "together forever" nicely, though waiting will be hard.

If there is no Heaven, then we will be side-by-side in our graves, together in that way.

Meanwhile, I choose to view us as still married, to keep my wedding ring on my left hand, to do nothing I would not do were she here now. We are metaphorically still married, together in that way. Much as I miss Tina, this comforts me. 

A promise kept forever is the most precious of vows. 


  1. Dear Doug. She is waiting...she's building the new world 4 U both I have faith your Love 4 each other WILL Conquer the grave. Our prayers are with you 🙏 💜

  2. A beautiful couple "Together Forever", where ever you will be.....