Saturday, May 7, 2022

Virginia Nodhturft's Tribute to Tina Su Cooper, 5/3/22

Indeed, this is a sad day for all who knew and loved Tina. The pain and sadness we all feel today is hard to describe. We cannot begin to comprehend the extreme loss Tina’s family are experiencing now. Tina’s passing has heavily fell on the hearts of all who loved her. We have abandoned ourselves into an overwhelming state of grief, but we want to honor a great woman named Tina and to offer our comfort the best we can to Tina’s Family. 


Tina was an extraordinary woman in so many ways. She was a warm person who loved being part of the families and friend’s conversations. She loved her family and they loved her. She has led friends & family into a kinder, loving, more compassionate world.


She was a loving Mom, a devoted wife, a great sister, and a respectful, caring daughter and friend to so many.


Her unaffected, natural, innate dignity never deserted her during her difficult times. She was esteemed and loved by all who knew her. The kindliness and tenderness of her heart was seen and felt by all who came within the charmed circle of her intimacy. The love of Tina poured out into all our hearts and has inspired us to continue to do God’s work for others in need.


What is it we remember when we think of Tina? It was our breathless attention in the room to catch her words, speaking eloquence, animated by the fervor of her mind. The outpourings of her profound intellect were enriched by copious streams from her fountain of knowledge. It was her understated outlook on life, her warm heart, her sense of humor, her air of dignity, and her joy of being around people. It was her ability to always think of others, to be concerned for others before herself.


The thread of life is cut, the immortal separated from the mortal, but the products of her great and cultivated mind remain with us forever.


As we abandon ourselves into grief, we thank God for all the blessings that Tina has bestowed upon us all during her life. She has taught us to celebrate the goodness of God and has taught us what life is all about, which is rich, warm, loving relationships with family and friends and doing good for others.


Today actually belongs less to grief and sorrow than congratulations and joy.  It is true that Tina is no longer among the living, but is subject of congratulations that she lived far beyond the ordinary period allotted for human life with Tina’s condition. We rejoice that she lived long enough to hear the words of Doug’s book, Ting and I. Seeing her extraordinary life through the eyes of her husband and hearing the warm, loving tributes of her by her friends and family was indeed a gift to her beyond the description of words.


Every October we looked forward to seeing Tina. We have such fond memories of visiting with her. She always asked how our son Philip was doing and asked how we were doing. As she listened with enthusiasm, she gave us an update on how Doug and her two sons Phil and Ted were doing. She beamed with pride as she shared their accomplishments with us. She was proud of her mom’s beautiful paintings and always reminded us that the lighted picture on the wall was given to her by her son Phil.


Tina has left many wonderful treasured memories for her family and for all of us who knew and loved her. She was our sunshine and our bright shining star.


Tina’s life was filled with joy, hope, enthusiasm, courage, and love. Her journey was a great one packed with fun and adventure and surrounded by loving family members and friends.


With Tina’s passing, she lives on. She lives on in each of us with her warm, loving spirit.  The power of God has allowed Tina to resurrect her spirit within each of us. She has given us restoration and hope to move forward.

We need to make our lives purposeful and infuse Tina’s spirit in others. We need to tap into Tina’s pure gold and inoculate others with her warm, loving spirit to give strength to others in need, so they can lead an abundance of life. In Tina’s legacy, we must bring hope, joy, and peace to others.


Doug, there is a special spot in heaven for you. There is a saying that says, “How we handle our tough times stays with us for a long time!” You have handled your tough time with grace, dignity, sacrifice, and commitment, and put your needs on the back burner to be by Tina’s side day and night. Caring for her medical needs, offering comfort, love, support, singing to her, reading to her, and providing her with entertainment to keep her spirits up have done more for Tina than you realize. You were her advocate when she had to be admitted, you were her lover, friend, and longtime confidant. You were the best husband any person could hope to have. You have been an extraordinary inspiration to all of us, Doug.


And Phil and Ted, you have to take comfort in knowing you were the best sons any mom could hope for. You lifted her spirits with your visits, calls, and letters. You provided her with laughter, joy, pride, and fun. She loved you both more than you realize.


I pray for comfort, peace, and encouragement for Doug, Phil, Ted, and her other family members. Mend them and restore them so they can move on to where they need to be. I pray that God will carry you all through this difficult time.


Dear Lord, Tina is at your side and in your hands now, please take good care of her. Please take her hand to greet her parents now in heaven. And, please help Tina’s family, find the courage, strength, and self-confidence to cope with this extraordinary loss. 



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  1. GONE FOREVER By Fortune Nwaiwu

    When the bell of your painful demise
    Rang through my ears,
    My heart ached with intense sorrow
    Ready to surge and soar.
    I peered on the thin air
    In reminiscence
    And to coalesce your true image
    But ended up wandering in the realm of solitude,
    For a rare gem has gone forever
    To a home that is beyond glorious.

    Your cessation is a sharp blow
    Disquieting my cheerfulness
    As I think of the things I shared with your bereaved husband –
    Love, and ideas in creative affairs,
    And now the pen has ceased to write
    As it is drained by your painful demise.

    Adiue beloved Tina Sue!

    (Drafted from Voice to the Voiceless by Rev. Dr. Fortune Nwaiwu)