Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Write Yourself Free

 We celebrated Independence Day, the 4th of July, to commemorate breaking free of the government of Great Britain. Gaining freedom is always worth celebrating, at any time.

If you have something on your mind, you can worry less about it if you write it down, knowing that then you won’t forget it. Writing a book is like that. I wrote my memoir, Ting and I, to free myself from the fear that our love story would never be told and thus would be forgotten.

Several of my writing clients have found writing and publishing their books to be liberating:

Private Investigator Lenny Golino wrote his The Shield of Gold, to be sure his stories of being a New York Police Department homicide detective would not be lost. As a “thick business card,” it also frees him from having to explain at length to potential clients about his experience.

Mary Seaman wrote her memoir, Kidnapped Twice, to get the weight of past memories onto paper and off her mind. She found the experience of writing her book to be therapeutic, clarifying certain issues and putting them to rest. She dedicated the book to those least able to defend themselves, and felt that something positive came from her bad childhood.

Mike DeMaio is finishing a memoir, AMENDS: A Marine’s Journey Home from War, which he has found to be therapeutic, detailing his recovery over decades from PTSD due to the stress of a year at war in Vietnam. It has also served to thank his family for their forbearance and to thank those who helped him heal.

Judy Axtell had a political message that she wanted to “get off her chest.” Her political transformation memoir, But…at What Cost, let her feel she had finally gotten the opportunity to express what had been pent up inside her.

Kathy Shields had two manuscript versions of her memoir that she had not been able to complete and publish without some help. We worked together, and her book, Home Is Where the Story Begins: Memoir of a Happy Childhood, will be published this summer, to her relief and for her pleasure and the pleasure of friends, family, and friends-to-be.

If writing, finishing, and publishing your book might liberate you, possibly even exhilarate you, contact me at site   or email by July 3rd.

Later inquiries will be placed on a waiting list to be contacted if openings develop for my one-on-one coaching-writing-editing services.

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