Friday, April 5, 2019

GOOD GRIEF, Introduction

Good Grief: Strategies for Building Resilience and Supporting Transformation

This book is a “must read” for those experiencing the grief and loss of a loved one. There is no easy path through grief and loss, but a path of ups and downs — a few steps forward and a few steps backward. It is intended to share what I learned to move through the process of grief and loss, with tips for how you can, too. However, with persistence, you can heal and successfully move through grief to the next chapter in your life.

This book contains stories of personal successes and failures, organized into sections identifying specific issues encountered during the grieving process. Quotes are included for each section that add depth; added as well are a few poems — some of which are mine, inspired by my own grief and loss.
There are self-help tips in each section to provide you with useful information for coping and making it through a tough day. Add a few of your own if your like. Whatever works for you is good. 

Worksheets provide concrete examples and a plan to stimulate you to engage in the healing process.
Affirmations are included for each section, a few words or a phrase that are positive statements that when said may help you to engage the power of positive thinking. These positive statements create a shift from the downward and inward emotions/feelings to the upward and outward emotions/feelings. For example: a shift from despair to hope by the power of words. Make a list of your own affirmations, even copying some of these, to carry with you when you are feeling…not so positive.
I have also included a list of resources for dealing with grief and loss, a sampling of what is available to assist you in coping. A few of the resources are intended for health professionals wishing to improve their skills in caring for those experiencing loss.

As with any book, you can read it from cover to cover at your own pace and then come back to a concept that resonates with you. You could also read it a section at a time and contemplate how your situation can be helped. However, I suggest you review the table of contents and choose an item that speaks to a specific need you have at the moment and use the tool, affirmation or other helpful suggestion that is included. Feel free to write in your book, underline what is important to you, or dog-ear pages to come back to.

This book was not written overnight, but over many months that became a few years. It started out as a journal, and as time went by, it turned into more. I wish that I had a resource like this to help deal with the emotions and everything else that arose during my own grieving process. Instead, I learned by trial and error.

I hope reading this book brings you a sense of shared experience during your grief, as well as bringing you some comfort. Also, I want you to realize that there is hope for a future, maybe not what you originally planned, but one that is fulfilling and joyful.

After all, you have always had your own special path to follow. A path along which wonderful people and events enter for a time and then exit — this journey is the process of LIFE.


With her permission, I will be serializing here nurse Cheryl Barrett's valuable book on transcending grief. I had the pleasure of being her coach and editor through my Write Your Book with Me enterprise. 

Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD

 Perhaps the easiest way to obtain a copy of her book is through this
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