Saturday, April 27, 2019


Shattered Dreams at Rainbow's End: A Novel About Inheritance and Infidelity

This novel is based upon the true story of Charles and his actions after infidelity. There is a tremendous back story that is told of Charles life and the circumstances leading him to a bad decision. Like anyone’s life, there are so many defining moments that shape him. His father’s early death, sibling rivalry, raising a family are just some of the elements that shape him and his maturity.

It is an ambitious undertaking to provide a reader with enough information to follow someone’s life decisions. Many times the novel feels more like a case study and less like a novel. Emotion is discussed but not felt. With good effect we see the main character as objectively flawed.

Christopher Horne clearly conveys the myriad of elements that become part of our makeup. We understand why Charles is who he is. As the novel draws to a close we are provided an update on how Charles works on himself and his marriage. The epilogue contains a great guide on how to improve marriage in a Christian life.

We all err in our lives. Christopher Horne shows us that we can rise after falling and be better.


First review (and not by DWC) of this real-life novel published with help from my Write Your Book with Me endeavor.

Book is published by Outskirts Press, available from them or
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