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A positive attitude may not solve all your problems – but it may annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
 Deepak Chopra


Gallup Poll (2015): Despite a 5% “unemployment rate,” only 44% of jobs in the U.S. are 30+ hours for an organization that supplies a regular paycheck.

 CHAPTER 2: Miscellaneous

This chapter contains the second largest number of posts. As you read through, you’ll notice the various frustrations from all different types of individuals.

No matter where you reside in the world, we all share one common thread: we are all humans.

Myers and Briggs, a mother-daughter team, studied human psychology in depth and found that preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions come down to sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking and that one of these four functions is dominant for a person most of the time. Imagine trying to understand others who make decisions based on a function totally different than the way you make decisions.

There is a way to greatly reduce all your future frustrations. First, understand the way you perceive the world. Then, learn how others perceive it as well.

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how you perceive the world and make decisions.

You can find an MBTI test online by simply searching. You can also visit and learn how humans make decisions.

Once you know more about yourself and others, you’ll see things from different perspectives and will be able to answer questions and avoid certain situations such as the ones listed within this section of the book.

Edison R. Guzman

Im fat, broke and frustrated.. what do i do??

OMG i am so sick of people and their bitching! complaining about everything shut up already and get a life!

people who harm pets should be thrown in a cave full of hungry bears

smoke weed everyday in memory of Nate Dogg RIP

why are ppl so full of shit bitches are 2 face they nice to ur face and talk shit behind ur back
stupid hoes i no wut u say about me waffle aids skank

why do people have to complain about going to work, why cant you just be happy that you have a job

Miscellaneous... because I am frustrated with so many things in my life at the moment. I just turned 31. I am now being made redundant from a teaching job that I dont really want. I have loads of experience but all in different fields. I have worked for the largest most famous advertising agency, i've taught in South Korea, I have a bachelors degree in HR from a great University but I worked in TV/Flim production most of my life. No i am frustrated because I dont know what I want to do, and all I want to do is be happy. and work hard and enjoy life.

I am also looking for a bf, but i am not sure if I can deal with one if I dont have the right job. I just feel that I am not where I should be in my life and that frustrates me. Any advice?

I am so frustrated with my life circumstances. I've been stuck in a small, ugly and very hot year round desert town. I have no friends, no social life, I had knee surgery 5 months ago which I am not yet fully healed from yet so I've been stuck at home going crazy. I feel so hopeless and I am so sick of feeling depressed everyday of my life. I am a great guy and I deserve so much more. It's really hard to stay positive. Please pray for me.

frustrated because ima good person took in my 7 yr old goddaughter can go out, broke as hell cause i cant find a job. taking me forever to graduate out of college on top of that my parents feel they can run my life and im 26 yrs old i have a long distant relationship with my bf but he can be an ass sometimes too and im ready to settle down get married and be a mommy (to my own kids) and have a carrer just be happy but i cant but ppl are doing it all around me.. ugh!!! i just wanna be successful and move on with life wtf is holding me back??? im literally stuck and cant get out!!! i waant to rip my fuckin skin off thats how frustrated i am

I just moved out of my parent's house and in with my girlfriend of 4 years. I have been waiting to have enough cash to move out for years, and I was pumped to do it. I was tired of how my mother, the ultimate pessimist, consistently put me down and tried to control my life.

Except now I've realized that my girlfriend is basically the exact same thing, except she doesn't try to spare my feelings when controls me.

Tomorrow I am doing what ever the hell I want, regardless of what anyone thinks. It's been a long time coming, and I personally think I deserve it.


This is the beginning of Chapter 2 of this book by Edison R. Guzman and Douglas Winslow Cooper, published this year and available in paperback and ebook formats through

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