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FRUSTRATED WITH LIFE? Chapter 3, Relationships

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“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
Groucho Marx

“I’m so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.”


Pew Research Center (2014): 66% of adults are married or in committed relationships. 10% of them say the Internet has had a major impact on their relationship, 17% a minor impact, and 72% no real impact on their relationship. Of those who said it had an impact: 74% found it positive, 20% negative, 4% both. Younger respondents found the Internet more impactful than did older.

Chapter 3:

Relationships are about sharing. When there is give and take, and mutual care for each other, you’re in a good relationship.

How do you define your relationship? Is there care, trust, unity, relatedness, communication, motivation, enjoyment, contribution, certainty, security, challenges, love, and respect?

I’ve found over the our past 29 years of marriage and 2 two wonderful children that the more trust, honesty and understanding you give in a relationship, the more you get.

I’ve also learned that the more rules you create in a relationship, the easier your heart will be broken and your frustration frequency will escalate.

When the relationship becomes about rules, and not about love, your relationship may suffer.

Also know that if you ever feel that you’re not enough and may not be loved, it is you who needs to believe that you are enough and that you have plenty of love to share. Since you can’t control other people’s perceptions and emotions, it’s up to you to show them, so that they can emulate you and return the love.

Above all, love yourself first. Then share the love.

Read through these postings with the above in mind, and think of what you would say to each of these individuals.

Edison R. Guzman

My boyfriend wants to take a break after 2 years, he says he needs space. I've heard he's been talking to someone else :(

how do you fix a broken heart *sigh*

People don't understand me and it makes me sad and depressed.

Why do women bitch about not finding the right guy when they do nothing but hook up with assholes??? As far as I'm concerned those who do complain deserve to suffer the bullshit that they deal with from any asshole that mistreats them.

My boyfriend wants to have a 3way wit me n my befriend
Wat should I say I don't want to lose him

tired of being taken advantage by men they just can’t appreciate a good woman

Poeple who play games get played.

i m very frustrated from my life ,i got married one year back my mother in law is very dominating by nature she always imposed her wishes on me she interfering all the time i cant live this kind of life what to do

frustrated with one side love i try to hate that girl but i can't what can i do she sucking my blood...............

The worst part of wanting to submit something here is that I'm afraid to speak freely because he might be surveilling me. Fun. But yeah, my life sucks, and yeah, I could change it, but it's not easy, and I'm scared. And every day the stuff that sucks becomes more irreversible. It's such a waste because I have so much to give, but it just sits here rotting.

I am frustrated. Four to five months I've tried to make it work and he just doesn't want it but he's been too lackadaisical to just call it off. He doesn't want to come off as the bad guy but he really is one!! I've given so much and he hasn't.

I want to date, but I don't even know how to get started!! I'm almost at my breaking's been 2 years and I'm only 21!

I've waited my whole life for this: I was unemployed for over a year, but finally got a good job (a career! at last!), my own apartment, and some good healthy hobbies... but I'm SO frustrated with the dating scene! I broke up with my bf- even though he was a nice guy, he has issues he wouldn't work on and I couldn't change, even though I told him they bothered me. I've gone on all sorts of mixers, speed dating, websites, ect... NOTHING! I know I'm not a drop dead gorgeous girl, but I'm good looking enough for my friends to ask me to give them makeovers. When is it ever going to get better? Why does it feel like I'll never meet someone that's got it (somewhat) together like me?

I can't get ahead financially, though I've been working 2-3 jobs at a time for the past 4 years since college.

When I share my frustrations, all I hear is "be thankful for what you have," "keep your chin up," etc. As if being thankful or keeping my chin up will help me buy an engagement ring, or save up for a car and house.

I appreciate the support my family and friends give me, but what the fuck? Is that the best advice out there for what no matter how hard you work, you'll never come out ahead? Perhaps I should just be happy and thankful that I have a support system to tell me to "just be happy" and "be thankful."

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all colors have turned gray. The world is an ugly place.

Will there ever be someone who will just purely judge a person from their heart rather than their appearance????

I turn 21 this weekend and want to have a drink for it. My fiance flipped out and against drinking. I love her and want this relationship to work... but I want to drink. I've known she was against drinking but I never thought it was as big a deal as it appears to be, because even one drink is too much. Wish it just wasn't a big deal.

I am getting frustreted with my own self.........i have many girlfriends........and dating atleast 3 at time.......and i had sex with more than 5.......actually every day i need to be indulge in sex and......due to that i lost all my interest in life ........and moreover i cant be one girl its badly effect my mental health and my belief for relationship and its status.............whats the hell........i cant understand whats happening to me.........n what to do........

It's been 3 years now in my long distance relationship with someone I deeply care about. We haven't met in person yet but I really need to be with him this year if possible since a lot of things are keeping me from making a trip out towards his end. I know this isn't as bad as most people's posts on their problems, but I can't help but to let some weight off my chest and keep moving forward towards my goal to meet someone I love.


This is the beginning of Chapter 3 of this book by Edison R. Guzman and Douglas Winslow Cooper, published this year and available in paperback and ebook formats through It is based on the entries to the blog Edison Guzman managed for several years. These entries have not been edited.

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