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How do relatively unknown authors become known and stand out? How do you develop a relationship to those who could give you publicity?

You have a purpose, a message that could make a difference. Here are several things to help you get your word out with more publicity. the key is to get others to introduce you to their audiences. Other “unknowns” have become famous and influential this way.

Imagine being 10x more famous than you are now…10x more effectiveness.
One big PR hit leads to many more.

Harrison has helped more people get publicity than anyone else on the planet, he notes, over 15,000 people. Hosts  the “National Publicity Summit” in New York City, bringing authors together with editors, publicists, etc.

Harrison helped launch:

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by Grey

Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield. [Sold over 500 million books!]

M. Scott Peck (Road Less Traveled) believes at least one interview per day was crucial in his continued success.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad … Kiyosaki followed Harrison’s advice, after initial poor reception. “The interviews I got helped me sell my first quarter-million copies.” Sold over 30 million copies.

OPA, “Other People’s Audience,” is the key to getting known and believed.
E.g., book on playing blackjack to win got to be best-selling once “blessed’ by media coverage.

People judge you as “heard of you” or “never heard of you.” VISIBILITY key.

Must position yourself to become famous. Must become “known.” Then become trusted, even liked. Decide to become better known, famous, committed to it. Strategies without determination will not work. Must begin even when you are not ready. E.g., Tony Robbins (not a client of SH) started promoting himself before he finished his book. Persistence. More visibility means more impact. 

Position yourself to be famous: ”You can have anything you want if you position yourself to be famous.” Put yourself in front of those who can launch you to reach others. Let your life shine.

The media need you, too. You are offering to serve their audience. “Sell yourself without selling your soul” by serving others. You are now likely not putting yourself in front of these people...from fear.

What makes you special? That’s why others should listen.

F E A R = False Evidence Appearing Real

Don’t have time? Be efficient. Email. Call.
Don’t have money? Not needed, if resourceful. PR is “free publicity.”
Not able? You can learn. Then practice.
Not ready yet? An excuse not to start. ASAP build your reputation.
Don’t let perfectionism be a block. Start now.

“What’s your WHY?” Why do you want PR? What is your goal?
What do you want? What do you want to give? What difference to make?
What goals do you want to achieve?

Accept your expert status.
Develop relationships.
Propose an idea.
Maximize your interviews.

You are an expert if you have spent more than 6 months thinking about your topic or if you are more knowledgeable than most others or have given others advice about it. Accept and own this. “I’m a __________.” Be clear.

Develop relationships with the media. Decide whom you want to reach. Find media that focus on them. Read and look. Collect email addresses, Twitter, Google. E.g., Google, “Christian women podcasts.” LinkedIn. Try to get to know them, starting with a compliment, “I loved your story about….” Pay attention. How collaborate? How help them? Suggestion? Try to meet them in person, thus accelerating the relationship.

Then propose the right idea that fits their format, not what everyone else is proposing. Reveal a danger? A trend? A secret? Develop “a show in a box” for the producer. Put it together. Be concise, brief, terse. Be relevant to them. Reveal a problem and a solution. E.g., “I’m a Certified Financial Planner, and I’ve done over 1000 planning sessions with couples, and I find that….” Suggest visuals, if you can. “Backdoor method” for PR: connecting with a freelance writer, giving an idea, after having developed a relationship. Personality, flexibility, persistence, knowledge…. “Show in a box” must fit their format. Personalized. Special. Unusual. Effective.  

Maximize the interview: “make your sight-bite match your sound-bite,” by getting an image consultant to help prepare your look for prime time. Your message and your image are intertwined. (E.g., Dr. Ish Major.) Look media-genic. “Speak in memorable soundbites.” “Tell stories of transformation.” Then, share the interview by whatever social media you have. “Quote the media in your marketing material.” Own their praise. Build your brand right away. [Dr. Phil did not start with a book, but with Oprah. Tim Ferriss built a brand before writing a book.]


Harrison’s organization (Bradley Communications) sells training to help you become influential through media coverage: training, media connections, and support. They work with their clients to prepare them to meet the media, starting with two one-on-one consultations, followed by up to 8 group training sessions to sharpen 30-second introductions (“elevator pitches”). You will get image consultation. Plus, models of what to say. Successful email examples.  Accelerating your learning curve. [However, producers get hundreds of emails daily, making it hard to get out of the email pile.]  

The “National Publicity Summit” in NYC is Harrison’s three-day program connecting clients with major media folk. “Like a highly structured cocktail party” at times, with clients and media ranking each other to optimize efficiency and sharing contact information.

Personally, I am too frugal to gamble money on this training, though I believe Harrison is certainly quite capable to give it. The cost is about $6000-$8000, depending on how you pay for it. He offers a money-back, full-satisfaction guarantee.  To get more information:


I help people write and publish their books rapidly and at reasonable cost. See

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